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Funds and Investor Services

Fund Structuring


You can structure your Fund as:

(a) Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) (Open Ended Fund) within one of the  following categories:

  • Expert Fund

  • Global Scheme

  • Professional CIS

  • Specialised CIS


(b) Closed-End Fund (Private Equity)


Funds can moreover be Self Managed, that is not having the need of having an Investment Manager and can appoint Investment Advisor to provide advice.


Ashton Financial Partners will assist in appointing the functionaries, including Brokers, Custodians, Legal Counsel and Banks for the proper running of your Fund structure. 


Investor services


Transfer agency function is an important part of investor services as we understand that it is through these investors that your Fund will be operating.


Thus, we put investor services at the heart of our operations to ensure a timely issuance of contract notes, investor holding statements and have set quality standards for attending investor queries.


With the increasing cost of compliance, we have in place a robust system to collect and process investor information within the regulatory framework without compromising investor confidentiality.


We are just a call away +(230) 460 0439 | +(230) 5 509 0439 or email us on

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